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The Bridge

Girl Missing (Previously Published as Peggy Sue Got Murdered) - Tess Gerritsen


I knew when I bought this book that isn't a Rizzoli and Isles novel. I've already read all Rizzoli's books. I bought it 'cause it's a Gerritsen and I'm a huge fan.

Did I like it? No. But it isn't bad. Like the author said in the beginning of the book, it's the bridge between the work she wrote before (romances) and the work she wrote after (mysteries).

Basically, I just don't feel like these characters (Kat Novak and Adam Quantrell), it isn't strong enough.


Unfortunately, it's a plain novel that lacks the suspense and all mystery that she wrote so well in her later works.

Now, I'm just waiting for the new book Die Again (Rizzoli&Isles #11)




P.S.: I do apologise in advance if my poor English leads to any misunderstanding.